Iross XT Tablets

Product Name Iross XT Tablets

Each  tablet contain:

  • Ferrous Ascorbate= elemental iron..100 mg
  • Folic acid I.P …………….1.5mg
  • Exicipients…………….q.s
Availability Strip of 10 tablets in Alu-Alu pack, 3 strips in a box.
Therapeutic Group Oral Heamatenic
Mode of Action
  • Elemental iron absorption from duodenum of small intestine.
  • Folic acid help in formation of DNA.
  • Latest absorbate Ferrrous ascorbate, delivers Fe++ (iron) at right site of absorption.
  • Guarantees progressive rise in Haemoglobin.
Clinical Benefits Preventation and Treatment of Aneamia.
Dosage 1 Tablet OD preferably after meal .
Adverse Effects

Most common side effects .

  • Gastric irritation


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