Lemolinctus PD

Product Name Lemolinctus PD
  • Each ml of  Lemolinctus PD offers
  • Dextromethorphan                       5 mg
  • Phenylephrine hydrochloride:    2.5 mg
  • Chlorpheniramine maleate:        1 mg
Availability 15 ml pet bottle.
Therapeutic Group In allergic dry cough for Infants
Mode of Action

Mode of Action

  • Dextromethorphan : Potential Antitussive
  • Chlorpheniramine maleate : Antihistamine to treat the allergy
  • Paracetamol: Antipyretic & Analgesic- Relief from fever and pain
Clinical Benefits Here the combination provides the option to treat the infants with a rational combination to take care of cold, nasal congestion and fever along with allergic dry cough
Dosage Infants : 2.5 ml 6 hourly.
Daily Treatment Cost  
Adverse Effects

Phenylephrine: At usual doses, a reflex bradycardia, CNS effects (excitement, restlessness, headache) and, rarely, arrhythmias are seen. Blood pressure must be monitored to prevent hypertension.

CPM: Most commonly seen adverse effects are CNS depression (lethargy, somnolence) and GI effects (diarrhea, vomiting, anorexia). The sedative effects of antihistamines may diminish with time. Anticholinergic effects (dry mouth, urinary retention) are a possibility.

Dextrometorphan: The drug hardly causes typical opioid side-effects. High and very high doses in particular can cause neuropsychiatric symptoms (euphoria, restlessness, misperception, hallucination, schizophrenic reactions) that are similar to the effects of the hallucinogenic agent phencyclidine. It has not been established whether these problems are related to the metabolic phenotype of the individuals. Besides that, there are gastrointestinal symptoms and skin reactions. The most immediate risk arising from dextromethorphan seems to be its sporadic abuse. A few cases of addiction have been recorded.


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