Yavisc PFS/Vial

Product YAVISC PFS / Vial
  • HPMC 2%
  • PFS – 5 ML
  • Vial – 2 ML
Therapeutic Group Anterior chamber surgical Aid
Mode of Action

Yavisc is a sterile viscoelastic preparation of purified high molecular weight HPMC in balanced salt solution.

Injection of YAVISC serves to support a deep anterior chamber during surgey ,whilst allowing thorough manipulation with less trauma to the corneal endothelium and other surrounding tissues .

Yavisc impedes vitreous leakage into the anterior chamber thereby lessening the possibility of forming a postoperative flat chamber.

Clinical Benefits
  • Space occupying tissue protective.
  • Completely Transparent
  • Viscosity of 5000 CPS
Adverse Effects  


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