C Mist 1%

Product C-MIST 1% EYE DROP

carboxymethyl cellulose 1 %

SOC(stabalised Oxy-Chloro complex)

Availability 10 ML.
Therapeutic Group Eye Lubricant.
Mode of Action Sodium CMC keep eye moist, help to protect eye from injury & infection CMC helps in Re-Epithelialization of corneal wounds. .
Clinical Benefits
  • For use in persistent dry Eye condition
  • Restores Moisture
  • Offers protective lubricating Action
Usage and Application The usual recommended dose is 1-2drops in affected eyes as needed.
Adverse Effects

CMC may temporarily sting your eyes when first applied.

Vision may be temporarily become unstable for a few minutes after application.

Skin rash, itching, eye pain or redness may occur.


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